Self-archiving for non-open access books and chapters

Authors whose work is accepted for publication in a non-open access Palgrave Macmillan book may deposit their author’s accepted manuscript (AAM) in their institutional or funder repository, provided that the following conditions are observed.

The author’s accepted manuscript is the version of the book manuscript accepted for publication after peer review, but prior to copyediting and typesetting. The self-archived AAM should not include any changes made after the point of editorial acceptance. Any necessary amendments or corrections to article content should be made to the version of record (VoR) on the publisher platform.


Deposition terms

Deposition of AAM permitted in:


Embargo length after publication*

Version of MS that can be deposited

Amount of MS that can be deposited

Institutional or funder repository

Author’s own personally maintained website***

Authored works, textbooks

24 months


Up to 10%



Contributed volumes (inc handbooks)

24 months


Author’s own chapter**



* Authors may make a closed deposit on acceptance, provided the embargo periods above are adhered to for public release.

** Multi-authored works: Each contributor may archive up to one chapter per volume (provided they are the author or a co-author of such chapter). Please note that any linking, collection or aggregation of chapters from the same volume is strictly prohibited.

*** Excludes commercial scholarly sharing networks (e.g. ResearchGate,, Mendeley).

See here for Springer Nature terms of reuse for archived author accepted manuscripts (AAMs) of subscription books and chapters.


In addition to the above policy, which applies to the author’s accepted manuscript (AAM), authors may deposit a portion of the pre-submission version of their manuscript (preprint) in a recognised preprint server such as RePEc. No re-use rights apply. The amount of the work that may be deposited in pre-print servers is the same as for self-archiving of the AAM – please see the table above. This portion of the pre-submission manuscript (preprint) may be deposited and made publicly available at any point.

Other types of publication

Major reference works (MRWs) are not covered by this policy.

For self-archiving policies applying to subscription journal articles please see our journal policy page.

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