Frequently asked questions

We've collected the most popular help topics about buying in the Palgrave Shop for you:

Can’t log in

Can’t register

Problems entering your address data

  • Please check your address data for typos. We verify the validity of the entered address.
  • Please do not use special characters in your address.
  • Please check if you entered the right data in the input field (e.g. did you enter the postal code in the correct field?).
  • If you still can´t create your address, please send a screenshot to

Payment rejected

  • Please check your credit card details. Did you choose the correct card type? Is your credit card number correct?
  • For your safety, every payment is verified and fraudulent transactions are rejected. In rare cases, a valid payment may be blocked. This process is inititated by your credit card company and not by SpringerNature. To resolve the issue, you will need to contact your card issuer. If the problem persists, please try another credit card, use PayPal or order by advance payment if possible.

Problems with credit card payment

  • After entering your credit card details, you may be asked for an additional "SecureCode" or "NetCode". This is an added safety service provided by your credit card issuer. For any inquiry concerning these services, please contact them directly. After entering the code, you will be directed to the order confirmation page.

Item is out of stock

  • Occasionally, a book is out of stock. You may order the item by invoice/advance payment in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

I can't find my eBook

  • Your eBookshelf is located under your account information (note that you must be LOGGED IN in order to see this). If you can't find your eBook there, please send your order confirmation or invoice to and our Customer Service Team will load the eBook to your eBookshelf. If you don't have the order confirmation or invoice, please send your order number, eISBN, date, your name and active eMail address to our Customer Service Team and they will retrieve your order.

Can’t download eBook

  • Each eBook is watermarked before being made available for download. Normally, this happens within few seconds. If there is a delay, please be patient. eBooks may be delivered with a small lag. If an error message shows up, please send a screenshot of the error message, the order confirmation or invoice and your active eMail address to They will help you obtain your eBook.

eBook file (PDF or ePub) is broken or looks bad