Institutional customers

In the Palgrave shop you can choose if you want to buy as an individual customer or as a corporate customer.

Buying on behalf of a company or institution

If you intend to buy on behalf of a company or institution, please select the option "corporate customer" when entering your address. The name of your company will appear on the invoice which is often the precondition for reimbursement.

If you order from a European Union country and if you have a VAT ID, you may enter during the checkout process. In this case, no VAT will be charged by the Palgrave shop.

In case you are ordering from the US and your institution is tax exempt: The Palgrave shop currently does not offer the possibility to enter a tax exempt number. If you buy on behalf of an institution that is tax exempt, please contact

eBook bulk sales

If you would like to buy 10 eBooks or more of one title (e.g. for your institution, company or department), we would like to offer you our following eBulk discounts on net prices.

Scale of discount for English language eBooks

Number of eBooksDiscount
10 (minimum)15%
10 - 2415%
25 - 4920%
50 - 9925%
100 - 19930%
200 - 50035%
500 +On request

Are you interested in an offer?

Please send us the ISBN, title and the number of eBooks you are interested in to and we will gladly send you an non-binding offer.

If you belong to a university or a library, please contact our Library Sales group for discounts on ebooks.


  1. Send an email to with ISBN, title and desired number of eBooks.
  2. We will send you an non-binding discounted offer.
  3. If you agree with our offer we will send you an invoice.
  4. After payment we will send the coupon codes via mail to you.
  5. You can give our coupon codes to all members of your organization. The eBooks can be accessed for free after a short registration on After successfully ordering, the eBook will be located in the user’s eBookshelf where it can be downloaded.


  • All orders require prepayment.
  • eBulk orders are not returnable.
  • The discount refers to the net price.
  • Our eBooks have a watermark in form of the user e-mail address.


If you need more than 10 print books of a single title (e.g. for your institution, company or department), we recommend our bulk sales program. Bulk sales offer steep discounts starting at 10%.
Please contact our Library Sales group if you belong to a university or a library for discounts on books.